Monday, 22 October 2012

Comparisons kill

Like most people I compare myself to everyone, I wonder why I can't do this like someone or that like someone else. It's frustrating and tiresome. Just when I think I'm being me and doing better I see some one and think oh man If I only had that. Most things I have myself to blame. I was looking at some blogs last night and thought oh man my blog is just the stupid slandered template I'm so jealous of all the cute creative looking blogs out there. But the reality is I haven't even tried to figure out to make my blog look better and does it even matter? I don't even know if any one is really even reading this besides my few friends.

I compare my child's clothes to others I see on the street or friends on FB. I wish and dream of the day when maybe we will have "real" jobs so my child can wear all the labels I love and be the cutest boy on the lane. but reality is it's not about the clothes he stinking adorable in everything. My little man has the best personalty and smile that's what makes him cute. He's happy and fun loving and has the greatest laugh.

I compare myself I compare my writing or teaching or clothes or personalty. I compare the way I parent or the things that we do during the day. I compare the shows I like or my taste in books or music.

comparisons kill, the kill my time and energy and friendships. I don't really want to be anyone but me. I have everything I need. An awesome husband and the best baby boy in the world. I have friends and Family all over the world who love and support us as we step out on this crazy adventure.

So why then? Why if I know all these truths do I still compare?  I don't know that answer but hopefully one day I will grow up and get over it.


  1. your pizza was awesome. i'm so glad you are my friend. and your son is very handsome, even if all of his clothes would come in black garbage bags left on your porch. ;)

  2. werd. i think we're meant to look at other people, to see them, to see what's special in them, to be challenged, to be inspired, to just let them be - but comparison sneaks in so easily in our insecurities where we haven't been loved. i think awareness of the tendency has helped me a bit, being mindful (not judging myself), and choosing new patterns of thought to take their place, even when it hasn't felt natural. i think it's starting to feel more natural now (sometimes), but i still have a long road to go.