Thursday, 1 November 2012

Oh Happy Day


So Monday was my Husbands 30th was on Monday and to celebrate we decided to take a special family day. So we headed into the city for some fun. I still can't believe that a day in the city is Sydney, Australia. I'm not sure if that will ever seem normal. We hopped on the train for the family fun day Sunday pass which is the most amazing thing for a fun day on a budget. We first headed into Paddy's market which is basically a giant warehouse of people selling things you probably don't really need at a price that makes it seem like you should have it. For Aaron's birthday his family all got together and bought him a new Ipad and so we went to paddy's to find a case for it. after the Market we headed to the Australian museum. yep we are a bit of a geek family. We love museums! This one though was pretty cool but not worth the $$ we had to pay to get in. Jack did love the kids area. He was so cute wondering the kids area in some kind of costume trying to talk to the little girl who was reading a story in french I believe.

Next came a Delicious Ice cream sundae from the Lindt chocolate store. Nothing beats Hot fudge and brownie mixed with delicious vanilla Ice cream.  The best part was that our sound asleep baby woke up just in time to help us finish off the last few bites. My son has a sixth sense when food is on the table and he is missing it. We also bumped into a really cool car show and a few random hippie festival and the celebration of some Chinese Australian thing. We decided to to hop on the Monorail to the mall. The monorail has been there forever and they are taking it down so we decided to hop on before it's gone.
Dinner we roamed through Chinatown to find the best deal. I love how they all stand outside there restaurants holding out basically the same menu as the restaurant next to them trying to lure you in. We declined on the first guy since his restaurant was completely empty at dinner rush time. The next lady was the sweetest old grandma who made jack smile so we walked a  little farther and then picked her. When we were at the museum earlier in the day I found these amazing dinosaur training chopsticks so  I picked them up for Aaron and forced him to eat some of his meal with them. Since he's actually been to china I think he was a bit embarrassed to use them but I got enough to snap a photo. He will do almost anything for me.
Last stop was Starbucks. We don't have one anywhere near us and they are always a fun treat. As soon as  I walked out with my grande Carmel machiotto my son wanted some so I went back in to get him his baby chino. He loved it!! He's my little side kick and loves doing whatever mummy does! We then headed back to the train station to hop on the very cold train for the two hour ride back home. We were all exhausted but had a great day. I love that our little guy loves to travel and wonder the city with us. He's so easy to take around as long as he gets to get out and walk a little.
A very Happy 30th to the man who loves his family so much he will sleep on a cold train with a baby on him!! We love you!!!

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