Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Him VS Me

Some days I feel like I am playing a game of his needs VS my wants. Some days I look around at my house that seems to be always messy. The spots on my floor that return minutes after I wipe them. The crayons that are scattered all over the house.The items that used to be in one room but little man has rearranged it for me. The afternoons that he's so tired and refuses to sleep and all I want is him to go to sleep so I can have a cup of coffee and quiet. Some days all he needs are extra cuddles and  and I want him to be asleep.  Some days I get frustrated way to easily with the 14 month old boy who is learning his boundaries.  Some days I'm annoyed that he seems to have selective hearing already. Isn't that supposed to happen at 14 years not months?

But then at the end of the day I walk by his crib and I see that sweet face and  I feel bad. I realise again all those things don't matter. He will only be this little once. So tonight I let him stay up a little longer for extra cuddles. Tonight we had yogurt before bed as a special dessert. and tomorrow we will blow up the new rainbow pool and have fun.  I don't want to miss all his silly cute moments because I'm more concerned with my wants over what my little man needs. I want to not care that he likes to help me fold laundry by pulling it all down off the table. Or scream his little head off every time I go to warm up his food. I have the funniest little man. He has a sweet personality and he's full of fire. He loves to play pretend and watch Elmo. I can't help but laugh as he talks to him self and wander around the house.  I'm not a perfect mom I know this but I don't want to miss to much while I figure it all out.  He's my little miracle and I don't want to take his younger years for granted. I have a happy healthy man and at the end of the day that's what matters. Not if I have a clean floor, or if all the toys are in the right place. So tonight as I walk by his crib I will give him an extra kiss on his blonde little head and whisper all the fun things we will do tomorrow.

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