Monday, 15 October 2012

A Special Day

Today is our good friends Aussieversary!! He came from Canada four years ago to start an adventure. Ya Ya has spent the last four years teaching us all about integrity, Honesty, and how to get over our fears. He has loved our children and made us all look good in front of the camera. Ya Ya has taught me to not be afraid of books with big words, and even use tthose big words in sentences. He's made us all aware of fonts and how to appreciate the good ones. Ya Ya you have have brought us joy with your dancing and laughter with your dad jokes! But most of all you have brought us a new appreciation for coffee!!

Thank you for being teachable and allowing us all in your life. I have learned alot about standing up for what I belive in by watching you live and the choices you make! Thank you for loving my son even when he is yelling his gibberish in the office as you work. we are blessed to call you friend and Ya Ya.

Happy  AUSSIEVERSARY to the worlds best YA YA!!!

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