Thursday, 11 October 2012

Trying to click my heels

Three years ago my husband and I made a choice to move on the other side of the world from our families. He's Canadian and I'm American and we are doing life in Australia, which we love. But it raises it's challenges and it cost us a lot. We miss out on every birthday of a loved one or a special friend, I can't just stop by with a coffee when my best friend is having a hard day. I wasn't there to hold my niece when she was first born. And I didn't get to say goodbye when my uncle passed. Joys and sadness is shared over poor connections of Skype and are often interrupted with um what did you just say??  But we do it and we love what we do here, the people we meet and the places we go.

At the beginning of August my oldest sister got married. She wore red and all the guest wore white. I wasn't there, I didn't where white, I wasn't there to watch her say I do, to eat a cupcake, and drink with my new family.I look up to my older sister. She's the strongest lady I know and she deserves all the best in life.

A few week later my younger sister got married. I heard she looked beautiful. I don't know because i wasn't there. I didn't see her walk down the aisle, I didn't get to watch my new  brother wipe away a tear as she came down the dirt path to him. I didn't get to be a bridesmaid, or watch my son carry a ring. I didn't eat a hot dog or drink root beer with everyone. That day I was sad all day she is not just my Hermana but my  best friend. We used to live together and share a tiny bed and we loved it.  I should have been there to make a toast to say welcome to my new brother and good bye to my little sister.

And in two days my baby sister gets married. In two days she gets a new last name and a boy will be sleeping in her bed. In two days she moves out of the family house and I'm not there. In two days she will slip in to the most beautiful white gown and be surround by the people who love her the most. She will like the other two walk down the aisle and I will not be here. I love my baby sister more than she knows. We had a rocky start but I'd say we are pretty solid. I love that face that she has and the heart is just as beautiful. She deserves this very special day!

They all three know I wish I was there and that I tried. But I hope if they read this they see a little more how special they are to me. The four of us are all very different. We all have different last names. Some of us have different birth parents. And we have all walked very different paths. But we have one  thing in common. we are connected to the most amazing family. That has taught us to stick together no matter what. That loyalty and family is the best thing in life. And nothing can break this bond of crazy sister hood the four of us have!!

So to my three sisters and especially you today face I'm clicking my heels trying to get home

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