Sunday, 14 October 2012

Vintage dreams

So I love my job and my little apartment above a very um colourful street, but some days I dream. I'm sure we all dream about what our life would be like if only..... For me it's what my life would be like it my husband and I had normal jobs with normal paychecks. My husband and I are so blessed please don't get me wrong but I still dream.

Tonight my dreams were of the clothes I would love for my son. I found an amazing website called Fore!! Axel and Hudson and it was full of old soul golf inspired things! it was amazing. My son is an old soul like his mother. I love the few items of clothing I have that look like miniatures of my grandfathers clothes. I dream of newsboy hats and sweater vests for him.

My dreams were also filled for my little apartment.  I dream of the day I can fill my cupboards with mason Jar glasses and dishes from the 70's. I dream of velvet vintage lounges and floor standing lamps.

As I write this I am very aware of how petty it sounds. We are blessed with food every week provided by our loving church. We are provided monthly with financial support from a group of people who believe in the work we do. We don't go with out. My son has more than enough clothes and books and love. our house is filled with things I'm sure we don't really need. we are healthy and blessed with people from far away places we can call family as we are so far from our own. My son has more aunty and uncles than he will ever know what to do with. He's growing up traveling  and seeing the real world from a very small age.  But some days I dream.....

P.S. Congrats to my baby sister I'm sure you were a beautiful bride today!!! thinking of you!!!

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