Thursday, 7 November 2013

A little upcyle fun

I learned to sew at about age five. My grandmother insisted I hand sew a quilt. Well let's just say it's still in the box with maybe a third of the quilt sewn. I was five and left handed and she's right handed so it was hard to do. I made my first real quilt at about 7 or 8 maybe,it was a summer project. I took sewing In  high school made a few stuffed animals and a skirt that started out as ankle length but due to my extreme lack of cutting  skills ended up a bit shorter. Oops. I've enjoyed this ability I have from time to time but I like to go fast. I like quick easy to do projects.i have a two year old and I don't have a sewing machine of my own so when I get a chance to sew it's either with a few kids running around or I only get free time after bed time so not a lot of time. The other problem is money. It's expensive to start a project from scratch. Getting fabric and thread and whatever else you might need its tough. I miss my mums amazing sewing room that has basically everything you may never need in it. I'd say my skill level is average I'm confident with a pattern but I don't to much free hand experimenting. This is what I love about upcycling. You already have the fabric and a lot of the other pieces like buttons can come from just about any where. Well the other night I had some free time and the desire to do a project. So I headed over to my  best mates  and partner in crimes house. Armed with a few old sweaters and t-shirts hoping her creative juices would be flowing a bit and we could come up with something. I of course wanted to make something for my little boy and since we are headed to North America we decided to make some little leggings out of my husbands old sweaters. So we used the google and found some various tutorials and had a go. It was a slow start and we had to change the pattern a bit but it was easy and fast. Two pairs of pants in just under two hours isn't bad for two sleep deprived mummy's. They aren't perfect but I love them.

Here is pair number one. This used to be a dark green sweater I think we got from an op shop for a few dollars. The sleeves are his legs. The sleeves were quite baggy so we had to trim them down to make them more like tights than sweat pants.


Pair number two was one of my husbands favorite sweaters that ended up in the washer or dryer and shrunk. Not sure why we kept them around but sure glad we did. This was the first pair we cut, well I cut and remember me talking about my once long skirt that's now a mini skirt....well yeah I shouldn't ever be able to cut again. But they will last for the North American winter. Then they can be passed on to my little guys mini me. Such an easy and fun project. And great for boys and girls! These will be perfect for our Aussie winters with no heat in our house! Thanks best mate for all your help.shes currently working on romber suites made out of old t-shirts for my little man. Can't wait till they are finished.

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