Monday, 11 November 2013

One lump or two?

I have a little boy who loves all things domestic. Sweeping, vaccume,mopping, cooking, and of course tea parties. Now I know a lot kids go through the stage of they love to cook but I'm not sure if it wasn't for living in a country that consumes as much tea as we do if he would be so inclined to play tea party as much as he does. I love that my little man enjoys a cup of tea before bed, knows that you need to serve tea with a spoon and sugar bowl and  bit of milk. This tea set is at his Nan's house and he knows right where it is. He brings out the tea set turns on the little kettle and then serves his tea. Gets everyone a cup them beings around the milk and sugar. And of course you have to do cheers before you can drink. And you must hold the cup by the handle. We get in lots of trouble if we do t use the handle. He's growing up quickly and won't always want to play tea party with his mum. So for as long as it last we will play tea party, and I will do as he says. Besides who could so no to a cup of tea made by this guy?


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