Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Our latest project

This weekend we got a little creative in our house. We made our little guy a school shelf. We got given the shelf from our cousin friends and i was inspired. Now yes he's only 2 we aren't starting anything formal yet. We still aren't really sure what we are going to do for him for school quiet yet, and beside he's only 2 we have awhile. If we stay here In AUS paying for school is very expensive until we are residents and home schooling scares me a bit for my only child. I'm afraid he will get bored just me and him learning our ABC and shapes. And honestly I'm a little nervous about being his teacher. But I've been reading an awesome blog that has got me excited for him to start learning so we started a little school shelf. It's mostly contains Montessori style school activities right now but he loves it. We have the shelf in our room so it's  contents don't get completely trashed and there is some supervision, but he has access pretty much whenever he wants. It's amazing to see how fast he's " getting it." We have a little sheet of paper with 5 different colour squares and then a bunch of matching squares in a jar. When he first saw the jar he dumped out all the squares and Immediately started to match all the colours together.his favourite is the Popsicle sticks. We have a few cards with pictures of Popsicle sticks making different shapes and patterns. The idea is to use the Popsicle sticks in the jar to make the matching picture. It's a bit tough for him but today he did his first pattern all by himself. I was definitely  a proud mama. It's just nice for me to see him enjoying learning. I think we have a hands on learner like his mama! Still not sure how and when we are going to start any formal learning for now we are just having fun. Here's a few pictures of our little man enjoying his new shelf
The shelf all put together. I made the chalk board with chalk board paper and a small canvas so it can be taken anywhere. The baskets on the bottom were a gift from a friend who got them in china. They work perfect for his little hands.
The matching game. ( excuse the very miss shaped squares) 
Cleaning up after he's all done with the Popsicle game.


  1. Hey, that looks fun! Did you make the shape game? Where did you get the ideas from?

    1. Yes I did make the shape game. I got the basic ideas off Pinterest but changed it a little idea. The original shape game concept was to ha e the kids use a glue stick to glue each square down but I just I visioned new wall paper :) so I lamia yes the paper and this way he can match them over and over.

    2. Great idea! Looks like it's a hit with the little man, too.