Saturday, 9 November 2013

One of those days

Have you had those days where you wake up thinking today is going to be a good today. Today will bring change and will be a turning point in the way I do all things life related. Today was my day. I woke up made a healthy juice had plans to do the millions of loads of laundry I had to do and many many more productive things. Then  plans changed. I needed to take my husband to work, so I I decided to stay to use the Internet to update all my app. Then I got sidetracked talking to a friend from home and stayed way longer than I meant to but it was worth it. I quickly ran to the shops to get a few things then headed home whipped up a juice and got my little man to sleep.  Husband came home for lunch so still no work done for me. Which is ok my day wasn't to bad but then all of a sudden it got worse. Not horrible not life treating or anything just one of those times when nothing goes right. First I drop an entire bottle of vinegar we had only used a tiny bit of. glass and vinegar all over my floor. And of course my little man was in the kitchen but luckily up on the stool.  We have friends headed up and there's glass and vinegar all over my kitchen.i quickly get it cleaned up and open the windows. My son is still desperate for his popcorn snack which is what I was trying to do when I decided I no longer needed that bottle of  vinegar so I whipped up a batch of popcorn...well ok I tried I have no idea what happend but I burnt the popcorn and Burnt the pan and used up all the oil. Ugh! So I tried a new batch with butter it sorta worked but made it a bit chewy and oh I burnt some of that batch and the pan as well. Play time went well friends went home daddy left for his gig and I decided we were going to have a fun night so we at my sons request whipped up pancakes.which by the way after I was cooking them I realized I forgot the salt. Oops
Yummy buttermilk goodness. 

And who can have a bad evening when this cute guy is your kitchen help?

They must have been tasty  because he goppled up almost three of these things! 

Our evening continued to be great. Put on pjs and my son insisted to go having already decided  this would be a fun evening we headed to our park to play for a bit. I even pulled out my camera and took some fun shots of my little man doing some big kid things like climbing the rock wall all by himself! He's getting so big! Well off to bed an here's to hoping a few more things go my way tomorrow.

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