Saturday, 17 November 2012

Streets of gold

I've talked a bit about my little street and village before but let me paint you a better picture. My street is full of empty and broken people and shops. It's littered with bars that have topless waitress and girls on the street corner looking for there next job. Our nights air is cut with the fights of drunk men from the bars fighting about pointless things I'm sure, or people talking to people or things only they can see. Most of the shop fronts are empty broken down and covered in graffiti.

But today was different, today our streets were filled with cheering and laughter . From my window I heard families chatting and the sounds of sausages on the BBQ. Today our Main Street that our bedroom window looks out onto was closed for our towns billy cart derby. This derby started in the early 1940's and stopped around 1987 but this year it was back! It was incredible to walk down our street and to see every shop open and people even selling stuff from there homes. There was a small carnival and a car show. We had people selling things to benefit our community and an incredible band starring my awesome husband and a few of our great friends.

Our little town is incredible but it lives in the dark, it's known as a fairly rough,spot but I see so much beauty and hope here. The people who live here believe in there town and want to see it grow and become the amazing place it used to be. I really believe that today was the start of something beautiful for our little town. My little man loved all the activity in town. He ooh and wowed as the cars raced down the street. He danced and clapped as his daddy sang Bennie and the Jets on stage. And he was all smiles as he went oh the giant slide with his aunty. Today He new nothing else other than his town was made of Gold.

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