Saturday, 3 November 2012

Concrete playground

I grew up on a farm, I spent my days playing with various animals and running as far as I could I fields. I never thought one way or the other where my child would play. But we have found ourselves in a cozy apartment on top of a few empty shop fronts on the Main Street of our city. Our bedroom window looks out to a cute cafe and a few art studios with the ocean in the background. Our back yard consists of a concrete courtyard and a tiny patch on lawn that is home to our clothes line. We have lots of hard rocks and a somewhat busy street to play near. I'm pretty sure the thing that really got my son walking was he was sick of getting scraped knees from trying to crawl outside. We love our little street but its not what I had so I don't really know how to navigate it for my ever busy and curious baby boy.

A few weeks a go a friend posted on of her amazing blogs and she was talking about a few other blogs she had been ready and one was about urban living. I became encouraged and inspired.

I love our neighbourhood, I love that we stop by and say hello to the couple who run the little store where we go and get bananas in the morning on the way into work. That they know my son by name and give him sugar treats whenever we stop in. I have learned to embrace this concrete playground that we live in. The walks to our friends house and the creativity I need to have for my son to play outside. We love to go to the library and morning walks to say hello to our neighbours and shop owners, and when it rains we head to the little playground at the shops or to our local play cafe.
It may not be ideal or what I had but my baby loves his little village.

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