Thursday, 13 December 2012

It's been a while

So it's been weeks since my last post,but I still have a lot to say. I'm not sure what's been stopping me busy life, no time, writers block, or maybe a little of all of it. Even at this moment I'm not really sure what to talk about. My life lately has been centred around my one year old and Christmas. I love the Christmas season it's bright and cheery and magical and dramatic. It's never perfect and it's crazy but I love it. I've enjoyed this season with J it's his second Christmas and its so much fun and difficult at the same time. He loves all the ornaments on the tree and he's pretty good at looking and not touching but every once in awhile he says mama no and hands me an ornament he's taken off the tree, oh well at least he can say the rule. He's at a very unique stage right now. He's growing and learning so much and most days it's a blast but other days man he is lucky he is cute! But even at the end of the hardest day all he has to do is say mama and hold up his chubby little arms for a cuddle and I'm hooked and all is forgiven.

I've been processing another warm Christmas, I don't know if it will ever become normal but I'm definitely used to it. I get very confused when I see my friends in sweaters and playing in snow. There are some things I really love about an Aussie Christmas. BBQ breakfast, not being freezing cold waiting to open your presents till the heater kicks in. Getting to stay up late on Christmas Eve because its still light out and well I'm the mummy now so I do the telling When it's bed time. But I have been very confused buying gifts I keep thinking I should buy my husband sweaters. Isn't that what you buy at Christmas time? I'm very excited to watch my son on Christmas morning he's just starting to know what presents are so hopefully we don't loose the plot quickly this year and enjoys it. Although I'm sure he's going to love the wrapping paper and boxes much more than the gifts under the tree.

We did buy a little tree for our little house and we love it. It's is our third Christmas here but our first tree. Our first year we were at some friends for Christmas so no tree the second year I was pregnant and oh so very sick and almost forgot about Christmas and so this year we are in our home puke free and not pregnant and ready to settle into yep we live here and here is our tree to prove it. I feel like buying a little tree is a big step when you are an expat. It's much more than a simple decoration it's a statement. Its says this is where my roots are going. I'm buying something I have to store because yep I'm Planning on being here for a few more years! Or maybe it is just a tree you decide...

Ok I know it's not much of a post but I have to get my blog flow going again....

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