Thursday, 24 October 2013

I do declare a day of rest

This week hasn't been overly busy or wild but it's been full and we've all felt it. We've had a great week playing with new friends. Walks to the library in the warm sunshine and crazy wind. Friends coming over to play and finally Christmas in October. Our little family is headed to North America over the holiday season so we decided to have an early Christmas with our Aussie family. It was everything Christmas should be, a baked dinner with pork cracklings and cauliflower with cheese sauce. A delicious dessert that may not have won awards for looks but  sure tasted amazing! A few fun gifts, a warm evening and most of all amazing friends. We are definitely blessed to have friends who lean more in to the family category  than just friends,when all those we share DNA with live on the other side of the world. The one thing Christmas did have that we could have done with out was an emotional little boy. It started with a scraped knee on the way in and ended with acting as if we were killing him every time we tried to give him some food. So last night I declared today would be a quiet day of rest. No friends over, no going anywhere just lots of snuggles and doing nothing. We did make some oat bars and jack did a great job putting in the ingredients and stirring. I think this recipe needs a bit more honey but they will still get eaten.  We also managed some outside time and 4 loads of laundry! This was a record laundry day!  But for the most part lots of napping, snuggles and rest. Jacks been unusually snugly and quiet today. I hope he's just enjoying our rest day and not getting sick.  Enjoy your Friday everyone we sure are!

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