Thursday, 12 September 2013

The little boy who could sleep anywhere.

So my little guy has never be an amazing sleeper,but he wasn't a bad sleeper he just sleept. Any where and everywhere. As an infant he loved to sleep on us, or on his swing, or on his tummy. As he's gotten older not much has changed. Airplane seat, tuk tuk rides, on our laps, watching tv, eating,  while he was getting changed, and numerous other random places. Now he's never been a kid who would just lay down and go to sleep. These crazy sleeping places have all been after hours of not sleeping he's great at go go go. now where he got this crazy sleep ability I don't know, definitely not from his mumma. I have to go to bed 30 minutes before my husband just so I can get to sleep before he comes in and makes all kinds of strange noises. I have a very strict routine I have to do in order to go to sleep and if I wake up at anytime in the night I'm up, for hours! It's the worst thing ever, but not my little guy. He sleeps pretty solid as long as he's snuggled up close to us. Or sometimes with his face right on top of mine. He's not the worlds greatest sleeper but he's our little sleeper and he sure gives us some pretty good smiles. Today he fell asleep eating his lunch with a sandwich in his hand and after a good little cat nap he woke up and promptly started to finish eating the sandwich in his hand. So I leave you tonight with some of my favourite sleeping pictures. Sweet dreams everyone.

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