Saturday, 24 August 2013

Super heroes don't need six packs and capes

On a crazy hot day in  Thailand I was hiding out In my air conditioning and wasting time by looking on face book and I saw a picture on a blog that a friend liked, it was a picture of a sweet boy laying in a hospital room in his mothers arms. I clicked on the blog and read about this little boy but before I new the end I had to know the beginning. In a few short simple sentences this little boy had captured my heart. I found his mothers blog and went to the start and I read, I read every blog, looked at every picture and watched every video.  I watched as this little boy preformed miracles day after day. My son clapped as he watched this little boy take his first steps and laughed as he laughed and danced with his mum. It was a little strange reading a story that i already new the tragic ending and I was surprised how much my heart was involved in a family I will never meet and a little boy I will never know. 

This little guys name is Gavin,he has an amazing story which I will try and share a bit even though I'm sure i won't do it justice and I hope I can get it all correct. This little guy had the odds stacked against him since birth but if you looked in his eyes you could tell that didn't matter for him. He had amazing patience with life taking things as they came and all on his own time. He was told he wouldn't walk, or talk, or even feed himself. Well he proved most of that to be wrong, and I'm positive if he had more time,he would of proved it all wrong. His millstones looked very different from his little brothers or my sons but that didn't matter he did it all on his,own time. As I started to read this little boys story it caused me to look inwards. This  little boy of 5 was challenging this old lady. He challenged me to slow down and look at what is important in life and not to worry so much about time. The world tells us we should be doing certain things by certain times. Our milestones never seem to stop. When we are little it's rolling over and walking. Then it's tying shoes and reading, pretty soon it's being married and having kids at certain times. It's a lot of pressure for all of us. We all feel we don't measure up but Gavin didn't care about measuring up. I live a life where a lot of people think I'm behind on my milestones. People think we should grow up and get new jobs. But thanks to gavin I feel like that no longer matters. Gavin spent his whole life  persevering trying and pushing himself. How many times have I just given up? It's to hard? I'm to tired? And about a million stupid excuses to not do about a million things in life. But as I watched this little guy try time after time to do things like hold a spoon on his own, touch a screen for he wants,climb stairs, and walk, things we all take for granted I realised its time to stop giving up on who I want to be in life. So who cares if its hard or if it hurts when I fall down a few million times bruises heal get up and try again.  Gavin shared a love and a fullness to life most people wish they had even an ounce of. I'm sad and sorry ill never get to meet this amazing little boy and I hope I can teach my son these lessons from Gavin. I pray his family continues with his love for life even in the midst of all there pain and sorrow. Gavin taught me and thousands like me to be a superhero you don't need big muscles, a fancy suit,  or the ability to fly.  All you need is to try and to never stop trying.This little boy is no longer with us on earth but he is still teaching us all how to fly like superheroes. To Kate and her whole family thank you for sharing your little super hero.

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