Thursday, 29 August 2013

X-rays and plaster.

So a few days ago my son slipped on a child's toy fry pan and slipped on our tile floor. He started screaming like I've never heard before. Nothing was calming the poor guy down so after some advice from the nurse helpline off we went to the ER. We got settled quickly in to the paediatric ER unit and they gave him some  panedol with codeine to help with the pain and sent him off to play with toys to see if we could get him side tracked playing and see if we could get him to walk on it. He was having nothing to do with our tricks. He sat and played and yelled to us when he wanted up or the ball had rolled away. It was very strange to see our very active boy just sitting playing, Or watching movies. After two rounds of X-rays of his hip, knee, and ankle. They found nothing and sent us home and told us to come back if things got worse and told us to follow up with a GP in a few days. The next day he wouldn't  even try to put any weight on it. I had decided to give it that day and if by the next it wasn't better we would head back. Well that night we got a call from his ER doctor who said it looked like they might have found a small hairline fracture and asked if we could come back in in the morning. So we did we had another set of X-rays and guess what they found. Two small hairline fractures to his tibia, which explains why he was in so much pain! My poor little man. So we got a nice little plaster cast that goes from his toes to his mid thigh. And the best part is we get it for six months. I feel so bad for my little boy who's stuck on the couch all day. He gets confused when he wakes up and he can't move his leg. But there's some up sides. One it's spring here so it's warm enough to wear shorts, my house will stay cleaner with out my little man tearing the place up. It looks like we have a long six weeks of colouring, painting, and DVDs ahead of us. I might need to Invest in more kids movies. I'm very thankful for all the friends willing to help and be there as our family lives very far away during a bit of a crazy moment.


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