Friday, 19 July 2013

Social media and why it causes me to be less social.

I have a lot on my heart and mind tonight. We live in a tough world. There's a lot of big controversial stuff out there and thanks to the Internet and social media its all in our face. We have become a generation that freely and openly slings hate at each other and calls it our opinion and uses that to justify it. We make fun of each other via YouTube and twitter and say its ok because they put it up there. We are seeing a generation of kids who put all there self worth in how many likes they have on a picture and judge there beauty on comments received. We allow our selves to judge each other based on a snippet of ones lives we see. As a mum this is easily done. I see the other mums in all there Pinterest birthday parties and homemade laundry soaps and I get down on my self, I see friends on family Holidays and I get jealous and angry.  These things cause me to second  guess who I am and hide away, when in reality that glimpse of a perfect child is simply that a glimpse. We all have those perfect moments where our kids are quiet and cute, or playing nicely with their siblings, or doing the darnedest  things for the whole world, but it's the moment after we never see. The moment when the little sister pulls the hair, or the child throws that toy one second after we snap the picture. Those are the moments are lives are made up of that we never allow the world to see but the ones people really need to. I have a friend who is the mum of 5 amazing, crazy, gorgeous, funny, and very real kids. She is always posting the funny, awkward, and not so perfect things they do. You see photos of the smiles the hugs and the tantrums. And I love it! Why because she is real with real children and she embraces all the crazy! She shows true love to her kids and that love spills out into her everyday life. I want to be  her, well minus the 5 kids but I want to be that real and ok with it. Social media is handy for our family. We live on the other side of the world from many friends and family so thanks to blogs, and FB and such they have been able to watch my son grow up. But I have a hate side to social media, like I said before Its brings  out an ugly  side to most of us. It's allowed us to all stand up on our soapboxes and scream at one another with out having to really listen to each other. It's become a place where are publicly abused for our ideas and beliefs if you are brave enough to state them. Honestly I would love to say what I'm always feeling and thinking about where I see other people have it slightly or very wrong but that would make me no better than them.  Your not going to agree with everything everyone says and your not always right in what you think you know. we have based to much on glimpses. glimpes from the media, FB, Youtube, And twitter but none of that is the whole story. This is where love comes in, get to know people out side of social media, hear each others stories, stop judging on what you see it's not the whole story. Sit with peopel of different, cultures, beleifs snd religions, find out what they are really about. And just because some one uses different words or calls something by an unfamiliar  name doesn't mean it's not what you know, love, or believe in. I'm not perfect, my families not,perfect, we don't get it right with each other, our son, our friends, or our neighbours. I judge, I put people in boxes but I'm trying. I'm trying to ask more questions before I form an opinion. And my opinions are never written in stone. You never know when someone just might change your mind. So my friends be real with each other don't be afraid to be social with those you don't understand. And don't forget to be confidant in who you are. Don't hide because you do things differently,  Thats what makes this world amazing,. if we allow or selves to get out of our hiding places and sit with others you never know who you might encourage because they do things a bit different as well, or who might encourage you. 

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