Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Lessons I've learned in the last week

So this week had been one of the craziest and busiest weeks I've had in a very long time. I volunteered for the job as visa gopher for our office as we are preparing for a trip to S.E. Asia for 19 people. At the start of this adventure I thought I would take a train up to the consulate and then wait to days and go up again. I was wrong, very wrong. It ended up taking me 4 days, 16 train hours and lots of patients to get the job done. But as I look back on this fun but slightly stressful time I see I have learned what could be very useful life lessons.

#1 the train ride is long and deodorant is optional for some so breathe out of your mouth.

#2 even though the consulate tells you one thing always bring extra copies of EVERYTHING!!

#3 eating while walking may save time but it just makes you tired and sick feeling

#4 no matter how hot, a large bubble tea is never needed

#5 any bag carrying that much money,papers, and passports in the summer heat is going to be hot so just pick the one that makes you look less like a tourist and more like you belong in the business district.

#6 there are never public restrooms when you need them so just act like you know what you are doing and walk in to any place of business or conservatory and act like you belong.

#7 make friends with the security guard, you never know when you need them to print out papers for you.

#8 children are only going to be sick right before you leave so never dress in what you really want to wear. Wait till after you leave then change on the train.

#9 it takes less than 16 hours to read 400 pages, buy 2 good books.

#10 never volunteer for the visa run again
( joking I've really enjoyed my adventure)

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