Sunday, 16 December 2012

A nation in tears and the debate that goes with it.

I woke up the other morning to tragic news, I couldn't believe another school shooting and this time little kids. Tiny precious people who barely have lived. Kids who still believe people are good and life is full of rainbows and sunshine. Kids who were waiting in anticipation for Santa to come.

Since I live on the other side of the world i quickly got on line to see what I could find. The news wasn't saying much and all FB had to offer was people's stances on gun control. This has been a debate I've heard my whole life. One that gets stronger every time this happens and one that may never go away. I have vey mixed views on this, and since I currently live overseas I'm not even completely sure what the current laws are. I grew up with a dad that hunted,I know how to clean,shoot, and care for a gun. They were in my home apart of my life. I knew they were dangerous and not to be even looked at with out my dad around. So what makes me different than this shooter? Why have I not turned to violence? I could go on and on about violent video games and lack of parenting but this is not what this post is about. People seem to argue if your around guns you will use them. I don't necessarily believe having guns is bad but here is my first response. Know your kids, teach them right from wrong and if you have angry or depressed kids get rid of your guns. Keep guns locked up and keys hidden. I don't feel it's necessary to have semi automatic guns available for sale. Why would you ever need a military type gun for general use. I also can't understand why you can purchase riot gear or bullet proof vests. Why do you need those for general use? I don't necessarily think getting rid of all the guns are going to solve anything. This problem is deeper than all that. Why are people like this young man not getting help? Why are these troubled kids not seen and helped? I don't feel like this is anyone one problem. It's not one persons fault. It's due to a series of problems. I don't know his family or what his life was like so I won't say I have all the answers or even speculate what his problem was. But what I do know is this. Our nation is in pain. Children are scared to go to school and people are reacting. People are running to churches, debates,and opinions to make them feel better. We are slinging violent opinions at each other,not even caring how it makes the other person feel. What makes us any better than this young man? We are automatically putting blame one one type of person, or a group of people with certain beliefs. What we should be doing is banning together in love. Make the victims known and celebrate there life. We need to learn to see people. Say hello to people on the street, care about your neighbour, get to know someone who is different than you. We need to stop being violent with our words and start loving. I'm mot saying your opinion doesn't matter I does. I just stated mine but please think of others before you speak. And to all those affected my prayers go out to you and your families and I am deeply sorry this happened to your beautiful baby.

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