Saturday, 8 June 2013

My little piano man

My son has loved music and everything that goes with it since the day he was born. He entered this world as U2 was singing about how it was a beautiful day, and it in deed was a beautiful 2 weeks old he would sit and stare as opa played the keyboard and sang some song about a fly and a tree and some old lady. At 4 months old he sat behind a guitar with his dad and with his little fingers loved to try and strum. Now don't get me wrong I by no means think I have a musical geniuses.  But I defiantly have a little boy that loves music. He has his favourite songs and he loves to start singing the night night song to himself when he's ready for a nap. Which is a handy clue to me that he's sleepy. He picks up on the hand motions even when I'm pretty sure no one really taught him. Now all of this I've know since forever, and I've always known its from his daddy. Some days it seems like that's all he got from his daddy. I'm reminded everyday in his looks, mannerisms,and especially attitude that he's my little male mini me. But today I discovered something he else he gets from his daddy, his love to preform. Now we've seen him form boy bands with his cousin friend, and a microphone always calms him down, but today I saw a different side to him. We were in our local little big city with some friends and there were several decorated pianos placed around the mall area to promote our  regions annual music festival ,and even with heaps of people walking by and starring all he wanted to do was play. He stood next to his daddy and danced and played along to benny and the jets on the first piano we found. And then not even the play area could keep away from piano number two. By the time we found the third one he wanted to play all on his own. He was so cute but I defiantly think its time for some lessons. Like I said I definitely don't have a musical genius on my hands. But I also know he didn't get this boldness from his mama who would hide behind her daddy's legs well into her teens when she met new people.  All I can say is I hope he looses a little of my stubbornness and gains more of his daddy's confidence. 

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